Passenger contact field

Passenger contact as mandatory field

Some governments have enacted legislation mandating airlines to notify passengers in case of flight irregularities (flight delay, cancellation or disruption) or other unexpected circumstances. As such, we request that our trade partners input the customer's email address and/or mobile telephone number in the Passenger Name Record (PNR). It's important to enter the passengers' mobile number or email in the correct GDS format.

How to obtain the proper GDS entries

Cathay Pacific Airways and Cathay Dragon are committed to ensuring that we provide our customers with updated flight information in the event of a flight disruption. In accordance with the IATA Travel Agency Handbook Resolution 830D, the travel agent is required to provide the airline with the passenger's mobile and email contact, which the airline may only use to inform the passenger of a flight disruption.

IATA Resolution 830D - obtaining passenger's mobile and email contact for disruption handling

The relevant Resolution 830D items state:

4. The Agent should provide contact details on behalf of the passenger by entering in the Passenger Name Record (PNR) the passenger's mobile phone number and e-mail address, while maintaining compliance with all applicable data protection directives and regulations. Contact details should be entered in the PNR in compliance with the Resolutions governing reservations procedures. Members and BSP Airlines shall use these contact details exclusively for the purpose of operational notifications and shall not use the contact details for sales and marketing purposes.

8. The Agent shall be solely liable for the consequences of its failure to comply with any Resolution governing reservations.

A reminder to use the following IATA standard SSR codes to capture passenger mobile and email contact for the purposes of providing irregular flight operation and/or disruptions notification (IROP):

SSR code Description
SSR CTCM input passenger mobile phone
SSR CTCE input passenger mobile phone
SSR CTCR passenger refused contact information

For a normal schedule change, Cathay Pacific Airways and Cathay Dragon will update the GDS PNR/booking agent in the usual manner. If there is a flight disruption within 24 hours of departure, Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon will notify the passenger, either using their email or by sending a mobile message. Should a regulatory body impose a penalty on Cathay Pacific for failing to inform a customer of a delay, and it is determined such failure was caused by missing or inaccurate passenger contact information input by the booking agent, Cathay Pacific reserves all rights and remedies to claim for our loss.