Special assistance


The IATA AIRIMP code WCLB is now available to select on ARD web for using on CX/KA flights.

In order to have a seamless wheelchair handling process, please always denote the details of the device as follows:

  • Type of mobility aids device.
  • Weight and dimensions.
  • Foldable or non foldable.

Also include the wheelchair service code WCHR/S/C, to facilitate the airport to complete the wheelchair check list.

Wheelchair lithium-ion battery

Wheelchair lithium-ion battery to be transported by a passenger which will require advance notification/preparation. Weight and dimensions may be specified. Wheelchair and battery must be claimed and rechecked at each interline transfer point.

Following the recent IATA Dangerous Goods review, pertaining to lithium-ion battery acceptance, when passengers with disabilities use their own wheelchair or other similar mobility aids device (e.g. a travel scooter) on their journey, details of the device must be obtained from the passenger, particularly for a wheelchair, that operates by lithium-ion battery.


Medical oxygen bottles on flights departing the US are not available until further notice. However, a passenger may bring on board a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) any of the FAA approved models, and providing that a MEDA form has been returned to your local Cathay Pacific reservation office at least two full working days prior to your departure date. If departing from Canada, a 14-days notice is required for all oxygen requests.