Reminder for flight / date change on Return Journey of CX IET

Any change on the interline flight / date, the CX IET must be reissued to reflect the new flight / date booked. No "reissue fee" required, but subj to collection of midweek / weekend fare difference if applicable. CX Fare Rule refers.

Failure of e-ticket reissue will result in pax being charged a "change fee" imposed by the interline carrier at airport check-in counter. Regret CX will not reimburse pax this change fee which was charged by the interline carrier.

However, if the change on return journey does not involve any interline carrier, i.e., entire itinerary are purely on CX/KA flights, and the change does not result in any midweek / weekend fare difference. Than, there is no need for e-ticket re-issuance, travel agent needs to send SSR message to CX by following GDS entry:


CX reservation office will then re-link the ET NBR onto the new CX / KA flight booked, if permitted by subj ET validity / fare govern rule.

CRS Interline ET implement status

Open the CX CRS Interline ET implement status document.

CRS agents alert

Due to the "message size" limitation, several entries are required for the whole PNR if the number of the passenger coupons exceed the limits.

For example, a booking consisted of 9 passengers with 2 segments, travel agents require to use 1 entry to drive the ticket for first 7 passengers, then another entry for the remaining passenger.

Number of PAX Limitation flight sectors
1 32
2 19
3 11
4 7
5 4
6 3
7 2
8 1

Ticket Number Notification (Reminder)

When electronic tickets are voided, exchanged or refunded, TKNE will be removed and a new ADTK will be reset in PNR. It is important that PNRs are revalidated or reissued prior to the new ticketing deadline or will be subject to cancellation after ticketing deadline.

Ticket refunds

Please note that the eligibility time frame for tickets refund have been revised from 3 years to 2 years from date of issue. This change will take effective from September 1, 2012. Ticket refunds are still subject to applicable fare rules. Any eligible refunds under the 3 years policy must be in our YVR office by August 31, 2012.

For all ticket refunds, please contact our Refunds Department directly at:

YVR Financial Services

Paper tickets

Paper tickets are no longer accepted.