Important travellers

Very important passengers (VIP)

VIP is an official in the state office of a country/state and has considerable political or strategic influence on Cathay Pacific.

Cathay Pacific is using the VIP categories shown in the table below.

VIP Description
1 Officials of the Hong Kong Administration Office (HKSAR).
2 Officials of the People's Republic of China (PROC) by names and titles.
3 Heads of State for all countries, including the United Nations and CE of Macau SAR. Members of a royal family. Ministers, ambassadors or high commissioners of all countries. Governors, heads of government departments, members of parliaments of countries where Cathay Pacific operates to.

Commercially important passengers (CIP)

CIP is one who may have considerable influence of commercial importance to Cathay Pacific (usually the decision maker of a mega-sized corporation).

There are following CIP categories:

  • Heads of establishment/companies that hold commercial importance with Cathay Pacific.
  • Non-official person who have or may have considerable influence on CX.

CIP treatment must be authorized by Cathay Pacific directors or country/port managers.